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People Matters Sphere filters through the piles of information available in the market, applying the lens of relevance, forward-thinking, strategic, breakthrough work, and gives you 25 compact yet insightful stories every week, fulfilling your appetite for content.

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Testimonials from the users

Its good and handy plus a great and productive way to spend time reading interesting content. Thank you People Matters Sphere team for making this app

Monesh X

My daily food for thought, Sphere platform can be customised as per my interests. Different updates every single day, instill a sense of curiosity and quench my thirst for curiosity. The two modes of user interface, provide the flexibility to view updates in both light and dark mode. It also lets me connect with my business colleagues and expand my professional network. With all these features served completely free and without any annoying advertisements, it surely has become my new Instagram.

Aparna Garg

Simple, informative and relevant. What I love about this app is that it curates HR related news and limits it to a handful that you can quickly read through anytime during the day. In a time where one often gets drowned in too much information, this app makes news digestible and useful. Kudos!

Adeeth Joshii

It helps in distilling the content and curates it as per your need. Helps in saving a lot of time otherwise spent in browsing through countless sites. Great analysis and insights that are relevant and are applicable readily in organizations. It's a potent tool for all HR professionals and business leaders.

Sekar J Nathan

Loved the UX, so sleek, elegant and crisp. The content hosted is all the more loveable, so crisp, short and precise. What else can you ask for? And yes, they don't spam as well.

Maruti Pandey

Pocket friendly with 3 I’s inbuilt in it - Informative, Innovative Inventive.

Asmitha Priyanka Vanapalli

It is the APP that would help all HR and L&D teams to be abreast with the latest updates. Instead of reading long articles from magazines, this is the most sustainable way to learn and grow. Well done with this idea! This is what we need in the technology world.

Pooja Sogani

Very insightful, brief and crisp Brevity is the real power in the world full of flooded information. Absolutely love the curation and the deep insights which makes it easy to track market updates in a short span to time. Hats off and kudos to the People Matters team for coming up with this amazing app.

Shivanand Mohan

Stay ahead of the curve


Frequently Asked Questions

What is People Matters Sphere?

People Matters Sphere is a daily dose of Opinions, Insights, Analysis & News from the world of people & work, specially curated by the editors at People Matters. Delivered to user smartphone timely and swiftly, it brings what’s trending in the world of people and work to the fore.

Can I access previous dates issues?

You can go back upto 5 previous issues through archive section to view previous editions. Although once marked as ‘favorite’ article, it will be visible, till it's unmarked.

Can I share the content I read?

One can share Opinions, Insights, Analysis & News published on People Matters Sphere by simply using the share button placed at the bottom of the screen.

How frequently will new articles be updated on People Matters Sphere?

Once every day(Monday to Friday). People Matters Sphere will alert with you upto 6 new articles per day, which includes the trending topic of the day.

Is People Matters Sphere free?

Absolutely, all content that is published on People Matters Sphere by the awesome team at People Matters is currently free.

Can I share feedback or suggestions?

One can use ‘Get in Touch’ option in settings section to contact us at People Matters.